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A message from Randy

I would like to acknowledge the many people that have continued to support our efforts to help make hockey more environmentally sustainable, and also more affordable for thousands of families across North America. I am eternally grateful to our franchise partners throughout Canada and the United States for sharing our vision, and for their continued efforts in getting the word out in their local communities about the benefits of Integral Hockey. It has truly reinforced our belief that we have developed the best composite hockey stick repair process in the world. We will continually scrutinize new manufacturers technology with our R and D department to ensure we remain at the leading edge of repair technology. Our repairs involve composite aerospace technology (not just pouring epoxy down a shaft). When I first discovered how we could repair these broken sticks, and get them back on the ice without any noticeable difference in feel, I honestly did not fully realize the level of interest it would generate. Now with over 80 locations throughout North America, I believe that we are finally reaching the masses. There is still a lot of work to do, and everyone involved with Integral Hockey is on the same mission…To make Integral Hockey Stick Repair a household name in the hockey Community!

I recently had the amazing opportunity to pitch Integral Hockey to the CBC’s Dragons Den, for the upcoming season 10. If you are not familiar with the show, it is the same as Shark Tank in the USA. We still do not know for certain if we will be on an episode, but I can tell you that it was a very good experience. There were nearly 6,000 auditions across Canada to fill 220 filmed spots! I cannot discuss the results of our pitch, so watch season 10 to find out.

There are two fantastic value added benefits we are implementing with this business model. The first being, the potential donations we can all make to deserving charities. The second benefit is the fact that broken composite hockey sticks have no other use or value, so a substantial number are winding up in our landfills. There is currently no scientific data showing that composite sticks will EVER break down in a landfill environment! Please help us by not throwing your broken stick away, but bring it to your closest Integral Hockey location. We consider ourselves the ultimate sports recycling business. Integral Hockey Group inc. is a privately held, Canadian owned and operated company.   I look forward to discussing your personal, or team’s requirements, and/or comments personally.

Kind Regards,
Randy Langille
CEO  Integral Hockey Group INC.


Integral Hockey has developed a new process in hockey stick repair using actual aerospace technology. Several Jr. ‘A’, Jr. ‘B’, Triple ‘A’ Midget, Bantam and Minor teams have now been playing the repaired sticks, with extremely positive feedback. Due to its unique hollow carbon fibre repair system (as opposed to the traditional plug), there is no compromise in weight, kick, flex, or balance to the stick as is the biggest complaint in stick repair systems currently available. It has also proven to be an excellent alternative solution for clubs, parents, and players, footing the bill for costly stick replacements. In addition, Integral Hockey offers a separate program where a portion of the repaired stick sale proceeds are donated to the KidSport Fund.

This speaks volumes of the quality in the repair when players at this level can use their repaired sticks with confidence, even during playoffs. A GREAT alternative to throwing away that favourite stick when taking into consideration, the potentially huge cost-savings in repairing the stick as opposed to purchasing a new one.

Mission Statement

To see Integral Hockey as the most respected brand in this market, across Canada and around the world, by providing a product and service with such value added components, that  minor league players to NHL franchises will benefit by their association with Integral Hockey.


To see our high quality system of repairing composite hockey sticks reach every corner of the globe, so the world of hockey has access to a reliable, affordable high quality repair process.