Franchise And Distributor Opportunities

Are you interested in joining an amazing team of over 100 locations including ex NHL’ers, movie stars, NYPD, RCMP, Department of National Defense, inventors, hockey players, coaches, and parents?  

As the demand continues to grow across North America for an alternative to replacing expensive hockey sticks the supply of protected territories for new franchisees and distributors is diminishing.

The investment to become involved, trained, and operating your own Integral Hockey business is a lot less than you may think.  We would be happy to answer any of your questions about this amazing opportunity to work with your local hockey community.

We would love to hear from you! Please fill out this form and we will get in touch with you shortly.

    Included in this opportunity:

    • Protected Territory
    • Proprietary Equipment
    • Three Days of Training at Your Location
    • 34 Initial Repair Kits
    • Website
    • Personalized Email Address
    • 1,000 Personalized Business Cards
    • 250 Personalized Rack Cards
    • 250 Personalized Sales Sheets
    • 1 2×6′ Banner
    • Marketing Action Plan
    • Orientation on Integral Processes and Procedures
    • Ongoing Technical and Business Support
    • 24/7 Emergency Support

    Providing shaft and blade repair service has become an essential part of hockey as these composite sticks are breaking at an alarming rate. The amount of revenue that is available through repair and sale of refurbished hockey sticks is considerable when there are over 2 million sticks being produced each year for the North American market.

    Let us know the territory you are interested in right away as we are rapidly expanding.

    Please contact us for further information within your area.

    We are available to answer all of your questions 1-855-337-8425.

    Note: Patents have been granted throughout Canada, United States of America, and across Europe.  Integral Hockey is seeking strategic partners for a successful launch in Europe.